More 60D Photofication

It’s been pretty busy around here what with work shoots and some temporary guests at the Kitty Hotel. Busy, naturally means more opportunity to whip the 60D out and play with settings again – huzzah!

I’ve noticed one little niggle with having a rotating LCD screen, and that is predominantly to do with focusing indoors and outdoors. It’s an intuitive thing which I am sure will improve with experience and getting used to the fine touches of the camera, but focusing manually via the LCD outdoors, especially in bright sunlight, can be deceptive. Sometimes the out-of-focus blur worked in my favour, other times, not so much.

Still! I like how the 60D handles in general. When there’s time to get that perfect shot, it performs like a charm and probably makes me look better than I actually am! Which is perfect news for the up and coming animation I’m storyboarding and hoping to begin set building for next week…

And because I accidentally wrote over a folder with the same name, some linked from a FB page: