There’s an App for That.

Apps, Apps, Apps

This time last year, if you had said to me that I would be not only using an iPhone but having dodgy affairs with the App Store o a regular basis, I would have laughed and shook my Blackberry at you in a fit of defiance.


Admittedly, my ownership of an iPhone came about accidentally. After my Blackberry started to throw tantrums and eventually died an odd death (though it seems to hiccup back to life every so often) I was forced to glance at the sea of smartphones. Whilst the temptation of owning a phone with an OS involving an ice-cream sandwich did have a slight droll quality to it, after random research; sizing up the information on updates and features; I succumbed to an iPhone 4S. I was never one for having to own any Apple product, and were it not for having to use creative software like Final Cut Pro, I might never have considered an iPhone or any iProduct.


I quite like my Macbook Pro, and despite having “issues” with how the iPhone handled email and file transfers (Blackberry is far quicker when trying to grab files), I have come around ever so slightly to the finer side of owning an iPhone. This is partially due to the App Store and the, I am quite certain, infinite array of Apps for just about every possible thing you could need an app for. Including some things you didn’t think needed an app.

In fact, so overwhelmed and amazed at just how many Apps there were out there, I went about researching exactly what had its very own App. Here’s what I have discovered so far:

The Toilet.

iPeePee is an App Game that “doesn’t need instructions because you’ve already had hundreds of hours of practice”.

I suppose there could be great irony in playing it on the toilet.


Even the Grim Reaper has his own App. Whilst everyone has had a brush with the Death Clock, and its cousins, for a mere $1.99, Chat Death will actually talk to you about the Afterlife. Just type your confessions and questions and Grim will reply.

Death and Bacon

Let there be Light.

Not to be outdone, even the humble lightswitch has an App. Two of note, are OCD Light Switch, for those who need to flick a switch when one is not around. Whilst the other not only encourages you to flick, it even promises a surprise. Designed in tandem with David Shrigley’s exhibition at the Southbank Centre, Light Switch demonstrates that when it comes to art, we’ll do just about anything.

Including flick a lightswitch 157 times.