Recognising Progress is the Hard Part.

I’ve eaten something with gluten in it, so my innards are not too happy. I’m placating them with a glass of red wine (as you do) whilst my phone, on silent, chirps  quiet vibrations for the slew of email notifications that have come in. Comments made to posts in Mongol Rally groups. Emails from potential sponsors. A sudden flood of alerts as the shores of North America rise to the day with coffee and email.

And then it dawns on me. This? This right here? This is making progress.

This is fucking awesome.

Around the same time last year, I was probably stuck in a film production office working on a Chinese film. Looking at an old Pre-Production Schedule, says exactly that. Every day on that film was an act of slowly making progress, right until the bitter end when we all collapsed in a heap, too exhausted to cheer. We had survived it though (at least, they had. I ended up  back on it during the reshoot a mere four months later) and without those small battles; those slow movements towards progress, the film would not have made it to the editing suite.

And we’d still be stuck in that office.

We’re just in the beginning stages of our Mongol Rally journey – the Rally is a little shy of seven months away. SEVEN. Seven months that are going to fly by so fast and we don’t even have a team name yet. But we’ve made progress. We have potential sponsors interested in us; a Facebook page; a website slowly coming together; but more importantly we’re making steps towards a film. A journey that is in itself a journey. And we have no idea what is going to happen, if we’re even going to get there altogether, if we’re even going to get any donations, let alone crowd-funding, or if the film is going to end up shot on a couple of  iPhones and an iPad.

We don’t know. And you have no idea how fucking awesome that is.