In Deep: Panic! Don’t Panic! ….Panic!

Over at the Mongol Rally – the Film website, the little countdown widget says there is 3 months to go. 3 months ago, we were knee-deep in budget re-calculations and setting up our crowd-funding campaign for a March kick-off. But in this industry, nothing ever goes according to plan – even if you share a calendar. Where we should have been ushering in a campaign in March, we were, instead, discussing the option of another plan with The Adventurists. It’s a plan inches away from the big reveal, and one that is equally terrifying as it is exciting and awesome.

Terrifying isn’t the correct word. Terrifying is a bear creeping up on you as you are caught with your pants down taking a pee in the forest. Terrifying is taking that exact same pee in a port-o-potty that rolls down a hill. That’s probably more mortifying than terrifying. Either way, this new plan we have found ourselves with isn’t terrifying. We’re still a distance away from having everything checked off our checklist like airfares, visas, a couple of camera lenses, and trivial things like travel insurance. But that’s still not terrifying. We have an immense amount of pressure when we do rock ‘n’ roll on the rally to capture enough relevant footage to piece together not just a story, but such a story that it can sell a concept. But that isn’t terrifying either.

None of it is terrifying.

What is terrifying – is that we’ll more than likely make it all work. Despite the financial setbacks;  despite being independent filmmakers spread across 2 continents; still working day jobs in the industry; jumping head first into a niche of said industry we have the least experience with – yet still managing to convince people we have something; being on step 0 of a mountain climb with no guarantees of anything going according to our plan – creatively or otherwise – despite all these things (and more), we can make this thing work.

We’re giddy with excitement, but there’s a quiet confidence hanging over the proceedings. It overshadows all the pressure that accompanies having a single opportunity in 3 months to make something perfect. Despite all the ‘despites’ we have a tailwind. It’s an unsung assurance people always try to describe as confidence, a gut feeling, a positive outlook, the stars aligning or “just knowing”. You get to a point in a project where you’ve moved past research, reading up and writing out plans.

You know the alphabet, you’ve moved onto words and sentences.

There are some days where I still get waves of panic. But I ride those out. I’d be stupid not to. Without the panic, I’d never notice the tailwind.