A Crowdfunding we will Indiegogo.

The reality behind our plans to film a pilot.

Armchair Adventurists do the Mongol Rally

It’s hard to imagine that we are less than a month away from launch. We’re surrounded by a stack of boxes – donated gear, bits & pieces we think will make our lives easier… and a couple of sleeping bags to air out and see which will be the most beneficial to take along. We’ve got a gear list. A checklist. A shot list. And a wish list. We’ve been working on this project since last March – and it finally feels like we’ve just moved on from house-training it and it can actually go outside.

Like a lot of indie filmmakers we’ve been funding it out of our own pockets, and our bank accounts have finally caught up with the reality. We quite literally spent weeks going back and forth on how to approach a crowd-funding campaign given that as we are filming a pilot, we will have legal…

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