5 on 5: NovDecember…March.

October was a bizarre month. November flew by without warning. And then… December. I couldn’t keep up.

I felt a little out of the “music” loop, so with some time off, I had VH1 and MTV playing in the background as I went about random Christmas cheery business. Chrimbo, they don’t half have a narrow rotation… same songs over and over and over and over…

So I gave up on music television providing an insight into what had been up and down the musical charts those last few months in the lead up to that Christmas #1 spot. Then New Year’s rolled me by (or over, depending on your PoV) and suddenly BLAM! It’s March.

The feck? It’ll be Christmas again soon.

1. In the spirit of a mashed up of months past: a pretty gnarly combination is Lorde and NIN. Someone tell these two to get into a studio together.

2. Then something you think shouldn’t work… does.

3. Recall that theory that there’s only so much music you can make without resorting to a formula? Mainstream, anyone? I’ve nothing against Katy Perry. Really. It’s the formulaic pulse drifting mainstream music (and film) that is mind-numbing.

4. Recall some more.

(Sorry for the Bieb)

5. And because I share a household with a 3year old and a toddler, I have had to endure more than my fair share of “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”, “Doc McStuffins” and… “Frozen”….

So if you’re a musician, now is the time to get a song out there under “Let it Go”. Like this chap, who managed a clever mash-up of Passenger and THAT song from Frozen.

Yeah, sorry. You’ve got that bridge stuck in your head now. You know what will get rid of it? Katy Perry.