In 5 Words or Less.

I am not Raptor Jesus

In an Excerpt from a Non-Existant Unauthorised Biography.

[…] After that, they vowed never to speak of the events again, fearing it would be too unbelievable to the Average Joe. They continued on, mostly in silence, reflecting on what it was exactly they had done and if it would be possible to do again.  Only this time without crapping their pants.

Weirdest Thing I Ever Had to Do.

Feather-dust Tarot cards.

If I was a Famous Musician, My First Album’s Name.

Sally, the Crotch-Sniffing Labradoodle is Here for the Rent.

(it would be an industrial goth album)

Word(s) I Would Most Like to Fit into a Press Release.


Handcuffed to

ice-cream truck


Favourite Swear Word.

Fuuuuuuck.  Heavy stress on the ‘uuuuuu’ makes it better.

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