5 on 5: April

Long overdue. 5. There are very few things left in this world that can retain a beautiful dark without sinking in a quagmire of sinister regret. Trent Reznor and Atticus’ combined efforts on… Continue reading

In Deep: Our Distributor List Includes VOD and Pirate Bay. Here’s Why.

The short explanation: Fluffy slippers. I remember Napster. I remember being equally curious and skeptical of it. On one hand I had no clue what the hell a bitrate was, and on the… Continue reading

My Phone Rewards Me for Waking Up. With Carpel Tunnel.

The App Store is a dangerous place. You can accidentally click on the icon on your iPhone or iPad, and be caught in a web of random, ridiculous and down-right awesome for hours.… Continue reading

In Deep: Getting Sponsors – or – How I live with Myself Everyday.

To be perfectly frank, all anyone really needs to know about the “genie’s lamp” of getting sponsors is all contained in this video. No really. I used to think there was some secret… Continue reading

Armchair 2 Adventure: In Phoenix, the Heat is Not the Only Thing that Rises.

During the summer, I took a much needed vacation across America in a camper van. Along the way various things happened – some introspective, some not. Here’s a snippet. “Fuck shit Christ.” When… Continue reading

Recognising Progress is the Hard Part.

I’ve eaten something with gluten in it, so my innards are not too happy. I’m placating them with a glass of red wine (as you do) whilst my phone, on silent, chirps  quiet… Continue reading