In the Beginning…

I am staring at the ceiling light listening to Dead Can Dance’s “Oman” on Soundcloud, on my iPhone. My ceiling light consists of two metal hoops, one within the other, forever running parallel… Continue reading

5 on 5: August

August is Road-Trip Month (for me) so what better reason to explore the virtues of road-trip music through the ages. In no particular way except interstate. 1. The quintessential road-trip tune, AC/DC conjuror… Continue reading

Winging It.

 It’s hard not to like a song where the lyrics include, “holy Moses and holy cow” in the chorus.  With all the varied mental notes (of many I forgot until it was too… Continue reading

5 on 5: July

I. Am. Outta. Freakin’. Here. Long overdue vacation, and some tunes to go with? Don’t mind if I do. In no particular order.

There’s an App for That: Randomly Selected to Travel the Friendly Skies

I don’t look like my name. Furthermore, neither does my dual-nationality. This not-so-unique fact does in fact make me very special, at least, to the TSA. Prior to 9/11, I was just a… Continue reading

5 on 5: June

Music! Makes the people! So the Queen had a jubilee, and Madonna sweated it out in leathers in Dubai. A good start to the month. (Un)fortunately, neither are in this month’s 5 on… Continue reading

There’s an App for That.

This time last year, if you had said to me that I would be not only using an iPhone but having dodgy affairs with the App Store o a regular basis, I would… Continue reading

5 on 5: May

A little early, but sometimes ya just have to share awesome. Admiral Fallow Can’t get enough of these guys. They’re going big this year. Check out the video featuring an Ent, and maybepossiblynot… Continue reading