5 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up on Anything.

1. You are not a special snowflake. There is nothing out there that you’ve thought of doing that someone in the 8billion people that have squeezed themselves onto this planet isn’t thinking of… Continue reading

A Short Post about a Short Short.

As busy as I have been working on tv commercials and films, it has not left me with much time to pursue the creative projects I’ve had on the back-burner for far too… Continue reading

5 on 5: April

Better late than never, eh. I’m planning my first Summer vacation in 5 years and admittedly I’m trying to cram as much live music into it as possible. So for your viewing pleasure… Continue reading

Working for Free: the elusive word, “No”.

  I just finished another pro bono job, and have somehow managed to find myself involved in its post production as well. Everyone on this job is doing it for free, except one:… Continue reading

5 on 5: March

I am itching to hit up some concerts this year. If I hit one or two, it’ll be a great year. If I could hit five, then I’m clearly making more money than… Continue reading

60D Photofication.

Sifting through some photographs and juggling time to do it in, so in the meantime, a couple shots I took when I first got the 60D. Taken with the kit lense (mumble-135mm) and… Continue reading

5 on 5: Feb

Granted, it’s the end of the month almost, but hey, better late than never! It’s been an unremarkable month as far as the discovery of new bands. Sad, I know. So a bit… Continue reading

60D Fiddlie-Dee.

I splurged on a new toy – the Canon 60D. It was a late Christmas present to myself, and it was either that or a kayak. It was a tough decision lemme tell… Continue reading

Learning Something New.

Too soon for a “5 on 5” but having just come off a hectic film job as a production assistant (read: do everything at once) I’ve learnt… …about 5 things in the process… Continue reading