5 on 5: January

With a day off in hand, what better time to fit a 5 on 5, and if the Mayans have anything to do with it, it could be the first of only 5… Continue reading

Gotye Good.

Coming into 2012, and my intro/outro music of choice has to be this guy: Just quality stuff with a little Peter Gabriel comparison due at times. You can check out his award-winning album… Continue reading

There’s a List for That.

I’m quietly confident had The Black List been invented before 2004-05, I would have been on it. At least now I have something to aspire to! Along with a handful of people I… Continue reading

The Mission Impossible Post.

So I feel a little obligated to post. Any excuse will do, right? I’ve not seen MI:4 yet (I can’t bring myself to use M:IGP in public) though I have had a sibling… Continue reading

5 on 5: December

They are the first 5 on the dominating playlist for December, and as always, in no particular order. You either love Bjork or hate her. Army of Me has seen a bit of… Continue reading

I have New Heroes.

In a world devised to shuttle people from incubator to grave along a well-trodden path, you have to be a little bit crazy to step away from it. It takes an incredible amount… Continue reading

Bunch of Guys with Wheels in NZ; Awesome Docu.

Sometimes travel docus, especially the small ones can be tedious. But this… this is just plain good. It’s a 5-parter, and it’s worth the time. Even if you’re not interested in a bunch… Continue reading

Excuse the Bomb Site.

I’ve just moved blogs. I was here. Now I’m here. I figured I’d get a little sophisticated. Please don’t mind the disarray as boxes are unpacked, don’t cross the wires.