An iPad app is not quite the internet and not quite a film. It’s an Etc. As we speak, I’m working with the team of The Human Project to bring their app to life. Stay tuned for the launch, or follow the happenings through their Facebook page.

Otherwise, here is some of the more unusual stuff I’ve done.

That I will admit to.

  • Written trivia for those annoying pub machines. Yes, they actually pay someone to do that.
  • Proof-read dissertations and novels. Some were horrible. Others made me laugh.
  • Narrated children’s books onto tape for a library. Complete with voice-acting.
  • Bartending private functions, including college parties. I was paid for this so it counts.
  • Set-up and tear-down of venues for wedding receptions and weddings.
  • Murder mysteries.
  • Shaved my head for charity.