I’ve been involved in many aspects of film over the years, mostly as a two-bit writer. When I grow up, I might actually be good at it. Here are some of the film projects I’ve been linked to and what exactly I did on them.

Pitching the Bitch 

Screenplay for a low-budget film that was forced to stop production due to lack of budget. The director has since gone on to be a successful AD and DoP in Hollywood. He forgot the little people.

Random PSAs, corporate and university video scripts.

Somewhere in a molding storage closet, there are random videos of people saying words I wrote for important causes and events. None of them went on to win Oscars.

Unnamed daytime tv talkshow

Co-writer for a women’s tv daytime variety talk show. It was a low point. We don’t talk about it.

Spec Scripts, and Treatments

I write these a lot for people. Most have been uncredited, often paid for with a G&T and a smile. A couple paid the bills.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Started as a production intern, ended up as a production assistant. Different titles, same concept – do everything and anything at the same time.

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains
Switch (Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains) – Trailer (Cannes)

Where I contributed as a production assistant/coordinator handling red-tape, Red Bull, and red carpet (I moved it off set), not once, but twice.