In Deep: Getting Sponsors – or – How I live with Myself Everyday.

To be perfectly frank, all anyone really needs to know about the “genie’s lamp” of getting sponsors is all contained in this video. No really. I used to think there was some secret… Continue reading

Recognising Progress is the Hard Part.

I’ve eaten something with gluten in it, so my innards are not too happy. I’m placating them with a glass of red wine (as you do) whilst my phone, on silent, chirps  quiet… Continue reading

We’re Breaking Up. And it is DEFINITELY You.

I opened the door and immediately my eyes fell onto those chiseled features, the shapely lines that defined a godly physique. I exhaled instantaneous defeat. Those hours of practicing in front of the… Continue reading

5 on 5: NovDecember…March.

October was a bizarre month. November flew by without warning. And then… December. I couldn’t keep up. I felt a little out of the “music” loop, so with some time off, I had… Continue reading

My Techno-Relationship Status is Fringing on Divorce.

I love technology. I love the smell of cybernetics on the horizon. I love the crisp feel of science fiction becoming reality. Advances in technology are happening at lightning speed and the consumer… Continue reading

5 on 5: September, no wait, “October”.

September slipped me by, what with work and trying to assimilate back into a groove of “normalcy”. So here’s September, for an October that has just begun and maybe no-one will notice. The… Continue reading

5 on 5: the Bus Tracks.

It’s probably a little bit insane to surmise an entire road trip across 12 countries into just 5 songs, especially one that catered to a smorgasbord of musical tastes, but I feel 5… Continue reading

One for the Road.

5 on 5: July – Roaaaad Trip!

It’s that time of year again. I think this time last year I was in about the same situation I am in now – brain filled with a road trip and a summer… Continue reading

A Crowdfunding we will Indiegogo.

Originally posted on Armchair Adventurists do the Mongol Rally:
It’s hard to imagine that we are less than a month away from launch. We’re surrounded by a stack of boxes – donated gear,…

5 on 5 June: Undiscovered, Unsigned, Unbelievable

I love discovering new music. I used to trawl the “bargain” bins at Circuit City where all the hidden gems would be just glistening beneath a sea of Elvis and Frank. Nowadays I… Continue reading